My feelings to you

I researched flower meanings for a project, and was reading up on all of the meanings for different roses...

"By mixing rose blooms of different colors ... you can create a bouquet of emotions. For example, a bouquet of red and white roses would mean I love you intensely and my intentions are honorable. A random mix of roses would convey mixed feelings or send a message: 'I don't know what my feelings are yet but I sure do like you enough to send you roses.' " -the flower expert

Murder Mysteries

My teacher explained to us the importance of music in a movie--such as when it is used to foreshadow a murder. 

“It’d be different if we heard happy violins, but if we hear cellos then it’s the end of that. As we all know, cellists are homicidal. Hard to hide a decent sized axe in a violin.”

Something About It...

Just realized that the guy I like has the same birthday as my younger cousin.

"Something about that day," my younger cousin says, "just makes guys irresistible."

"...Get out."

Appreciate the good things in life

Before allowing a certain type of medicine to be given out, there are certain restrictions that have to be met. For this one, you have to have pneumonia to receive this medicine. 

Mother sees a prescription with the medicine on it but without a note for pneumonia, so she calls the prescribing doctor. 

"Does the patient have pneumonia?" so that she can give him the proper medicine.


"Oh, okay. That's good."

The doctor hesitates. "...No, that's not a good thing."

Cotton candy.

After taking pictures with the Easter bunny, the kids are given little Easter-themed marshmallows as a thank you for their time (and to distract them while their parents are paying, honestly). 

Only, these marshmallows have a rather funny label on them. 

So,  give the Easter bunny a hug and kiss, and wish him a happy Easter, and here, take some "Bunny Tails" to munch on.



My teacher's lecture to us last night:

"There are no tiers in this industry--by that I mean 't-i-e-r-s,' not 't-e-a-r-s'...there are a lot of those..."

It's fate.

I met a lovely family when out horseback riding--they were visiting LA from Alabama, and I told them that should they find themselves in LA, they should come to my workplace. I work at The Grove, I tell them, at the Bunny Bungalow. 

They were there just today, the mother tells me.

The daughter peeks out from behind her mother.


Oh, well now that they've seen the embarrassing side of me at work, I can't do anything more ridiculous during this two hour ride with this family.

Except ride a horse with the same name as me, who walks like my mother drives (slow and steady at her own pace) and therefore caused a traffic jam on the trail. Boy, I hope they never forget me.

Valentine's Day Legends

Legend has it that if a couple gets together every Valentine's Day and hold a metal chopstick, they should put it into an electrical outlet together. 

Then, they will be together until the end of their lives.


I could feel my friend's eyes roam over me as I sat down near him. He looks at my sweatshirt, my hair, my glasses. 

"Wow," he says, "you really didn't try today."

Dark tendencies

Helping my friend with his essay, and after the dark mess that was his last essay, he's happy to find that this next essay is argumentative and has a set topic. 

"She can't possibly make this dark!"

He looks over my shoulder and there's a sentence about a serial killer.

Drinking coffee with a fork.

I went to brunch with a friend, whom I noticed was stirring his cup of coffee with a fork.

"Do you usually drink coffee with a fork?"

"No, they didn't give me a--" he looks down at his napkin and silently stares at the silver spoon he'd previously ignored. "... I haven't had my coffee yet, okay?"

First Meeting

"I remember," my little cousin tells me, "when I met you in high school."

"...I remember when I met you too. When I was two years old."


"Hey Tiff," my older cousin calls across the room, "could you get me a piece of water?"



"Up until now, I've only mixed one cocktail," my older cousin tells me, "so you know how I usually drink coke and vodka? I poured it into the mixer and shook, and then remembered what happens when you shake soda..."

Fizz everywhere.

DTLA Studio, June 24, 2016

Here's the first behind-the-scenes video I've put up.

The video clips (graciously lent) are owned by Jimmy Lai.

Thanks so much! 


Music: Beautiful Lady - Jonghyun

Art therapy

A friend of mine posts a picture of some art therapy that's being offered at her school, and I thought, "Ah, that's such a nice idea! Why doesn't my school do art therapy--oh...that's right. Art is the reason students at my school need therapy."

It's too bright to hear.

As my co-worker tells us a story, he notices another co-worker making a funny face at him. 

"Sorry, I couldn't hear you," she says. 

But she was squinting! he responds.

"Ha," interjects another co-worker. "She was squinting to hear you."

"What? Sorry, it's too bright in here, I can't hear you."